im going back to the states in about two weeks

it’s exciting to know that soon cheap beef and fruit will be back in my hands but at the same time i won’t have the combini within a five minute walk or see the same people i’ve been seeing for a while

everything’s ending but the hustle’s just begun

bring on the exams, the projects, the last minute bucket list check-offs, and the shit ton of souvenir shopping!

ohhh man im really craving some subway

i rarely do it so it kinda freaks me out

but i really did crash and burn last night—usually i just joke about it but this time 本当にfor realz; from fatigue i totally passed out after getting home yesterday and didn’t wake up until this morning like i had no idea how physically exhausted i was

im so fucked i didnt do any of my shukudai shit

i have give or take 2 hours to do everything sdjkf;skdflfsddf;


people srsly need to stop being so cute

i will seriously eat them

i can totally easily get addicted to karaoke here


(Terror by Soraru)

This is a cover of the Kagamine Rin original by Neru 

lol ive never made so many bad decisions and spent so much money on one night as much as this one



all translations are by great-blaster!! i handled scanning and typesetting~

spare bike is a series of official spin-off chapters that focus on the third years’ pasts. this is the second chapter of arakita’s story, which also happens to be my personal favorite chapter out of the whole 300+ chapters of the entire series… it mostly focuses on the various relationships between all four of hakogaku’s third years~

please enjoy~♫!!

hey i think it's impossible to reblog from your blog directly because of your music player. like the reblog/dash/like buttons, that whole thing don't show up on posts. it might just be a problem for me but i know someone else i follow had this same problem w SCM music player. have you considered billy player maybe? (i love your art!!!)

Aha, I actually changed my theme after getting this ask; I’ve been wanting to change it for a while (mainly because of that problem) but kept putting it off so I guess I just needed some sort of trigger and it came! Thank you for the much needed push! (although it’s not much different from what it was before pffft)

It’s not the player that was the problem though; I probably fucked up some of the code while I was customizing the theme before and somehow got rid of any of the reblog/dash/like functions.

(ahh and thank you im glad you like my gay doodles!!)

my ask arakita blog just hit 500 followers yesterday so i drew to celebrate



nooooooo the cleanero concert’s on the same day I have a day trip

i’m so sad

i won’t be able to go to their osaka concert sob

First day on campus (which was actually yesterday but w/e)—all of us international students decide to eat together outside ‘cause the weather was nice. The open mic entertainment was a plus—especially since they covered cinema staff’s great escape waaaaii

As per usual the food was delish; chahan’s beginning to become my favorite ( ̄▽ ̄)

I always have to do a double take when the train passes by because most of the time it sounds like an oncoming storm and I’m super paranoid since I keep all my windows wide open. 暑いからね

All of the international students in my program had to take the language pledge today so for two months starting now 絶対に we can only speak in Japanese ww Though they said nothing about writing and typing in other languages so

LOL the tv is so furui it doubles as a vhs player this place is the shit

lastjournal replied to your post: lol welcome to my humble osaka abode …

Ooo how long are you studying there?

Now until August! I’m both extremely excited and extremely terrified!